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Community Advocacy for Northern New Mexico

La Jicarita is a nonprofit newspaper published monthly in conjunction with the Rio Pueblo/Rio Embudo Watershed Protection Coalition, established in 1994 by citizens dedicated to protecting and enhancing the clean and plentiful waters that sustain the rural communities, culture, and traditions of northern New Mexico. The opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of the members of the coalition.

Please send letters or submissions to: La Jicarita, Box 6 El Valle Route, Chamisal, New Mexico 87521.

Publishers and Editors:
Kay Matthews and Mark Schiller
Community Members
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Email: news@lajicarita.org

Phone: 505 689-2200
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This newspaper is supported by grants from McCune Charitable Foundation, the Healy Foundation, and community donations.

La Jicarita News has been in business now for over thirteen years. Other than occasionally soliciting subscriptions at cost (a deal at $5 a year), we've relied on the foundation world to financially support our efforts. As most of you know, funding for non-profits has been drastically reduced over the past few years. While we have pending grants for this year, we realize we cannot survive without you, our readers, making more of an investment in La Jicarita News, which is also an investment in the health of the communities and forests of northern New Mexico.

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